• Rituals of Remembrance: Exploring the Art of Mourning

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    When Maggie Simpson Adams lost her uncle, the topic of his death was in her family and there was no healing ritual or closure. A year later her aunt was murdered in Mexico where she had lived for more than 2 decades. There the villagers created an altar and chanting circle in a ritual celebrat...

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    Meet Penny Cooper "Champion of the Marginalized" - celebrated criminal defense attorney, lesbian, social activits and supporter of women artists with one of the largest collections of art by women in the US. Penny faced and overcame challenges without ever losing her positive attitude or her "f...

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    BELLA BELLA documents the latest chapter in major Bay Area sculptor Bella Feldman’s life and provides inspiration for anyone who thinks reaching 70 marks the time to pack it in. With creativity and verve Feldman overcomes the challenges of widowhood, a life threatening heart problem, and a new tr...

  • Alma's Jazzy Marriage

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    With her sharp memory and wit, Alma Foster, jazz enthusiast and wife of seminal jazz bassist George "Pops" Foster, recalls his beginnings with Louis Armstrong on the river boats in New Orleans, the Golden Age of Jazz in Harlem, the hilarious road trips, and later life and jazz in San Francisco.

  • Younger, Thinner, Smoother

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    Younger, Thinner, Smoother puts the current plastic surgery craze into a social and historical context. When 80 year olds look like 60 year olds and 60 year olds look like 40 year olds, what will it mean to be old and what will old look like? Sher's personal journey leads to candid interviews wit...

  • Approaching the 14th Moon

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    Women & health professionals discuss menopause. An upbeat and informative look at the symptoms, risks, treatments, myths, fears surrounding this important passage, including the personal stories of more than 30 women.

  • Brainwash and Beyond
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    Brainwash and Beyond

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    Before the commercialization! Pre MTV music videos by Phil Hopper & Elizabeth Sher including Flipper, Maximum Rock 'n Roll, Minimal Man, Speed, Noise, Ground Zero, Bound & Gagged, a story by William Burroughs and more.

  • I.V. Magazine 1
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    I.V. Magazine 1

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    Wide ranging pastiche of interviews, humor, satire and music - without the Orwellian 1984 white-bread blandness of mainstream TV magazines.

    Too Young
    Flipper's "Brainwash"
    Living at Risk
    Community Service
    John King
    Wash It
    My Mom's a Cop
    Check Up
    Hawaiian Hideaway and much,...

  • I.V. Magazine 2
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    I.V. Magazine 2

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    Another up and offbeat amalgam of weird, whimsical and ironic visions from 1985.

    Rock to Reagan
    Phone Pro
    Compu Shop
    Minimal Man "Showtime"
    Amalia Mesa Bains
    Chocolate Novelties, and much, much more.

  • I.V. Magazine 3
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    I.V. Magazine 3

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    The 1986 edition of I.V. Magazine brings you "information for people who can take it straight." but can you?
    Tripod Jimi's "Famous Dogs That I Have Known"
    Fantasy Transmission
    If the Shoe Fits
    Arina Isaacson
    Anton Gintner
    Find It
    Be a Winner
    MacDonna and much, much more.

  • Interviews with Artists 1

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    Mechanical performance, underground radio, public art & painting. Featuring Mark Pauline & SRL, No Other Radio & Maximum Rock & Roll, John King & more.

  • Interviews with Artists 2

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    Three seminal artists of color share their work and their mission - installation artist Amalia Mesa Bains, sculptor John Abduljaami, and painter Carmen Lomas Garza.

  • Interviews With Artists 3

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    Audio art, puppetry and painting featuring Arina Isaacson, Arts Plural - Charles Amirkhanian & Carol Law, and Anton Gintner.

  • Interviews With Artists 4

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    Three women artists at mid-career - Susan Leibovitz Steinman, Jeanne O'Conner and M. Louise Stanley.

  • What's Inside These Shorts?

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    Juggling (14 min) - Sue Mutant, lead singer of the Mutants, stars in a non-singing role in this satirical study of a photographer and mother trying to juggle the many tasks and duties in her life and still keep some space for herself.

    Beat It (4 min) - This exercise in fixation...

  • The Training
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    The Training

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    This satire on the behavioral modification technique of potty training is required watching for every prospective parent. The nicest words a parent ever hears are "I want to go to the toilet".

  • Fingers That Tickle and Delight

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    From the Signs of Intelligence Series - Interpreted by Shaon Neumann-Solow
    An interview with septegenarian deaf comic, mentor and educator, Evelyn Zola.
    "America's First Lady of Deaf Senior Citizens" presents a fascinating adventure in ASL storytelling, Evelyn Zola captures a piece of Deaf he...

  • Dancing on the Edge of Success

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    Dancer/choreographer and Bay Area Treasure Margaret Jenkins discusses her sources and influences (Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Jose Limon,) the early days of her company and the joys and challenges of keeping her legendary San Francisco dance troupe alive and well.